Bringing mental health awareness and leadership skills to your employees through innovative training.

    What We Do

    Currently, we have two, separate, 8-hour courses.  One for mental health awareness and the other for leadership skills.  We teach your employees how to provide impeccable customer service to your customers, give them tools to help them identify mental health illness in the population you serve, teach them how to address mental health concerns for themselves, and show them how to be a leader for your organization no matter their job title.

    Mental Health Awareness and Leadership Proficiency

    We include real life audio scenarios so participants can identify pitfalls and learn better methods of communication and empathy which can be put into practice immediately. We include mental health role play scenarios as close to reality as possible to ensure understanding and comprehension throughout the course. The presenter(s) share real experiences with how mental health has affected their life(s) and how to responsibly incorporate it into your career.

    Mental Health Topics

    Topics covered include: keeping your audience engaged, aggressive vs assertive conversations, someone in crisis, common mental illnesses, cost of stress in your career and how to manage it, specific self-care techniques if you are experiencing a mental health crisis or need to manage your mental health, and more!

    Leadership Proficiency

    We believe that leadership flows both ways through an organization. We show how everyone is affected by the 'big picture' and where they fit into the scheme of things. We emphasize the importance of personal accountability and ownership. We include role play scenarios so leadership skills can be practiced and discussed.

    Leadership Topics

    Topics covered include: the definition and types of leadership, generational learning styles, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, ownership and personal accountability, the characteristics of effective leaders, conflict resolution, empathy and active listening, and more!

    Specific Services

    We work with your Human Resource Department to identify benefits specific to your organization. We provide research reference material for further knowledge. Detailed evaluations are done by each class member and the results are provided to the appropriate person at your organization. Certificates of Completion are awarded to each person granting them 8 CEU's.

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