Our Story

The Beginning

We believe civilians in law enforcement are hidden warriors and deserve to be recognized for their contribution. They are entitled to training that is inclusive and comprehensive to their specific needs. As subject matter experts in this, we recognized a dire need for mental health awareness and leadership skills in this classification.

The Journey

We set out to find a solution that would enable these civilians to manage the stress from their career and their own personal mental health concerns. We identified leadership skills and techniques that would further this goal by helping to create leaders from front-line employees. Through growth and consistent feedback, we developed a training program that everyone could use. This includes any employee at any type of organization, not just law enforcement. Additionally, we obtained certification as a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS) in mental health and became an Approved Education Provider with the Florida Certification Board.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: Assist organizations with their customer service skills in dealing with those with mental illness, empower as many people as we can with the tools to identify mental health concerns in their life BEFORE they become a problem, and promote leadership skills for ALL employees, not just managerial staff.

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